Sotheby’s Contemporary Curated Highlights

Cleveland Museum Nears $320m Expansion Goal

Scott Meuller Dealer Tire

The Cleveland Museum reveals one of its largest donors:

Scott Mueller, CEO of Dealer Tire, considers himself a reticent person who rarely discusses the success of his company, which he calls the second largest distributor of tires on the U.S. Yet Mueller, 51, came out of anonymity Wednesday as one of the most generous individual donors to the Cleveland Museum of Art in the institution’s 99-year history.

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Armory/ADAA Sales Report

Tracey Emin

Lehmann Maupin reports half a dozen paintings and drawings by artist Tracey Emin (who was present at the booth) selling in the range of $70,000-$90,000 USD to private American collectors.

Attia’s Injury Reappropriated (2014) went in the range of 15,000-25,0000 Euros, while there was very strong interest in the works displayed by Ward, whose solo exhibition at the Perez Art Museum Miami will open later in 2015.

Sales by other artists shown, such as Anya Gallaccio and Angel Otero, also took place, with pricing ranging from $15,000-$55,000 USD.

Shainman Armory Booth

The Master, Judd Tully, filed his first sales report from the Armory:Continue Reading

Edward Dolman’s Revenge

Ed Dolman

Edward Dolman, the former CEO of Christie’s, is on a bit of a retribution tour lately. First he gave an interview to the New York Times about his strategic view of his new company, Phillips, where he wandered off message and speculated that his successor, Steven Murphy, had lost his job because of excessive spending on online sales.

Now Dolman emerges as a major source for Vicky Ward’s Town & Country take on the dual CEO search at Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Only the story told here—which would have been reported to Ward much earlier—is a bit different. It’s a broader indictment of Murphy couched in terms that seem almost rueful. There’s this from Dolman:Continue Reading

Phillips Under the Influence Highlights

Vernissage TV: Andreas Gursky from 2007

Vernissage TV, Gursky

Vernissage TV is remastering some of its best videos for HD:

The German artist Andreas Gursky is regarded as one of the leading contemporary photographers. He is renowned for his large scale, digitally manipulated photographic images. In 2007, the Kunstmuseum Basel staged an exhibition with 25 works by Andreas Gursky, including the F1 Pit Stop and Pyongyang series. As part of our Classics series, we have currently re-mastered and re-edited the video, so we are now able to publish an improved version in HD.

Artelligence Podcast: London’s Tough Private Sales Market

The International New York Times’s Art Market correspondent, Scott Reyburn, discusses his story on London’s private dealers and their struggle with “buyers” instead of “collectors.” Also, we discuss the Arttactic confidence survey, Marcato’s renewed attacks on Sotheby’s board, Sotheby’s deal with RM Auctions to get a foothold in the classic car market, and much more.

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