Sotheby’s London Prints & Multiples = £5.28m

Sotheby’s New York Prints = $9.99m

  1.  Jasper Johns, Target ($120-180k) $278,500
  2. Picasso, Grand Vase aux Danseurs ($120-180k) $230,500
  3. Edward Hopper, Girl on a Bridge ($60-80k) $194,500
  4. El Lissitzky, Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge ($70-100k) $182,500
  5. 11 Pop Artists Portfolio ($80-120k) $158,500
  6. Roy Lichtenstein, Bull Profile Series ($70-100k) $158,500
  7. Robert Rauschenberg, Breakthrough I ($60-80k) $104,500
  8. Barnett Newman, Untitled Etching #1 ($60-80k) $98,500

Phillips de Pury Prints & Multiples = $3.3m

  1. JOSEPH BEUYS, Sled $314,500
  2. ANDY WARHOL, Queen Elizabeth suite, from Reigning Queens $236,500  (record price for this set)
  3. ROY LICHTENSTEIN, Reverie, $110,500
  4. PABLO PICASSO, Femmes d’Alger dans leur appartement (d’après Delacroix), 1ere variation; and Femmes d’Alger, 2eme variation: four states $98,500 (record price for this set)
  5. JOSEPH BEUYS, Felt Suit $96,100 (record price)
  6. ANDY WARHOL, Marilyn Monroe (Marilyn) $94,900
  7. JASPER JOHNS Six, Lithographs Series $92,500 (record price)
  8. MARCEL DUCHAMP, Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2  $88,900
  9. ROBERT INDIANA, Book of Love portfolio $82,900 (record price)
  10. ROY LICHTENSTEIN, La Nouvelle Chute de l’Amérique $74,500 (record price)

Christie's NY Prints and Multiples Results

$8.065,313 with 418 lots sold out of 480 offered for 87% sold by lot.


  1. 163 Edvard Munch, Madonna, (350,00-500,000) $494,500
  2. 27 Marc Chagall, Four Tales from Arabian Nights, the complete set of 12 (300,000-400,000) $314,500
  3. 261 Jean-Michel Basquiat, Anatomy, 1982 (70,000-90,000) $242,500
  4. 262 Jean-Michel Basquiat, Back of the Neck, (150,000-200,000) $242,500
  5. 179 Pablo Picasso, Buste de Femme d’après Cranach le Jeune (180,000-220,000) $218,500
  6. 182 Pablo Picasso, Grande Tête de Femme au Chapeau orné, 1962 (100,000-150,000) $218,500
  7. 162 Edvard Munch, Der Kuss, 1895 (150,000-250,000) $182,500
  8. 325 Jasper Johns, The Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) (80,000-120,000) $146,500
  9. 371 Roy Lichtenstein, Nude with Yellow Pillow, from Nudes Series (100,000-150,000) $116,500
  10. 457 Andy Warhol, Mickey Mouse, from Myths (70,000-100,000) $110,500


Prints Are In

The London Evening Standard gives a quick preview of the importance of the London Original Print Fair that opens on April 29th

Gordon Cooke, chairman of the London Original Print Fair, says that when the fair first started 25 years ago, people bought prints to keep in boxes at home, viewing the collection on a Sunday afternoon now and again. Things are rather different today. While it started with 16 exhibitors, this year the fair will welcome 67, and everyone seems to be agreed that we’re living in the golden age of print. “There’s a resurgence of interest in prints — many more people recognise their qualities, and various serious artists have become extremely enthusiastic about making them,” says Cooke. Continue Reading

Benefit Prints for Your Benefit

Artnet‘s resident print expert Deborah Ripley isolates the art bargains in benefit prints that could have been easily obtained during the Armory Week fairs. Now you’ll have to track some down, and, maybe pay a little bit more:

  • At Pulse, for instance, while on your way to the café, be sure to check out the Art in General benefit edition byPae White, a star of both the Whitney show and the recent Venice Biennale. Her bronze table sculpture of a Sycamore leaf, done in an edition of 20, is $1,800.
  • At the booth around the corner is the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s newest fundraising edition: “Photography Portfolio IV,” a collection of works by ten blue chip contemporaries, including Roni Horn,Louise Lawler, Richard Misrach and Paul Pfeiffer. Ordinarily priced at $24,000, BAM is offering a special fair discount price of $18,000.Continue Reading

Prints Proliferate

Kishore Singh continues to school his readers in the trends and nuances of both the Indian art market and collecting habits around the world in the Business Standard.

What is a print? From the nineteenth century on, artists began to create a clutch of individualised copies in a process that resulted in etchings, lithographs, graphics, woodprints and so on. Each emerged off the plate or block with some infirmities in the print, near enough to the original but satisfactorily different to the observer to be considered original.Continue Reading