ArtList’s 3 Must See Shows: New International Exhibits of Peter Sutherland, KAWS, & Larry Bell

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1. Peter Sutherland @ Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis
January 15 — April 3

(Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis)

In his first solo museum exhibition, “Forests and Fires,” Peter Sutherland returns to his native Midwest region in an investigation of landscape, nature and danger. Into his practice of printing photographs onto perforated vinyl, Sutherland incorporates images that invoke inherent sentiments of danger or unease in contrast with innocuous backgrounds and settings. The practice’s inclusion of vinyl surfaces invokes a sensation of utter artifice, thus forcing viewers’ to question their reaction to truth versus fabrication in artistic expression.

On view at 3750 Washington Boulevard, St Louis, MO.

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2. Kaws @ Yorkshire Sculpture Park
February 6 — June 12

Kaws’ installation in the Yorkshire Sculpture Park (The Guardian)

Brooklyn-based Kaws is displaying his work in the UK for the first time at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The exhibition begins with an an indoor gallery showcase of the artist’s canvas and sculpture works; in classic Kaws fashion the pieces are colorful, animated and wear their street art influences proudly. However, outside the gallery space, the show takes full advantage of the Park’s landscape with the installation of large sculptures, measuring up to 10 meters (almost 33 feet) tall. The enormous works personify various emotional states, magnifying the sentiments to a monolithic scale.

On view at West Bretton, Wakefield WF4 4LG, United Kingdom.

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3. Larry Bell @ Hauser & Wirth
February 3 — April 9

(Hauser & Wirth)

“From the 60’s,” Larry Bell’s first solo exhibition with Hauser & Wirth, captures Bell at the beginning of his career, emerging as a central figure of both Southern California’s Light and Space movement and New York’s Minimalism. Visitors glimpse the genesis of Bell’s artistic voice, during which he explored the relationship that painting and surface treatments maintained with the creation of larger, often three-dimensional objects. However the works also manage to capture the distinct, pan-America voice of Bell’s artistic oeuvre — uniquely situated in movements of both the East and West Coast.

On view at 32 East 69th Street, New York, NY.

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