Ted Loos Sneaks a Peek at the Anderson Collection


Ted Loos writes about the press preview for Stanford’s Anderson collection and an art-collecting family whose father was named Hunk, mother called Moo and daughter is Putter:

While making a fortune in the food service business, the Atherton-based family’s real passion was for buying pictures, something that started in the mid-1960s and ballooned as of the 1970s. Putter grew up not with a poster of David Cassidy on her bedroom wall, but a Pollock drip, an Albers square and a moody Rothko. Now that’s a teenage dream. […]

The Andersons have been unfailingly generous and gracious, and they are also a lot of fun. You can tell that collecting is their main project in life, one that continues to this day. They’ve donated a lot of art to SFMOMA too, but despite all these gifts, they still have more than 500 pieces in their collection. Moo candidly told me that no, the remaining artworks are not promised elsewhere at present, and yes, requests for the trove to be donated are a frequent affair from institutions far and wide.

Anderson Collection Set to Open in San Francisco (Sotheby’s)