Remember the Rose!

The Rose Art Museum

As the battle over Detroit’s art takes a breather, it is worth pausing to  remember the Rose Museum at Brandeis which suffered a brief interregnum as the university attempted to access the value of its art collection. Now, nearly five years after the controversy, the Rose is launching five new shows on September 17th, according to Brandeis Now:

“This suite of shows draws together a number of important programmatic threads that will drive the Rose’s schedule of exhibitions in the coming years,” says Christopher Bedford, the Henry and Lois Foster Director of the Rose. Drawing heavily from the Rose’s own collection, “Imagine Machine” focuses on Warhol’s use of photography as source material — featuring images of celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Gianni Versace, Cheryl Tiegs and Jackie Kennedy. The exhibition examines the central role of photography in Warhol’s art and its relationship to his portrait painting and documentation of the artist’s social life.

Curated by former Rose director Joseph D. Ketner II, now curator at Emerson College in Boston, the exhibit was organized in collaboration with the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

A New Beginning at the Rose Art Museum (Brandeis Now)