Marion Maneker0March 12, 2013

Collector Andrew Hall Plans Private Museum in Vermont

Bloomberg on Andrew Hall

Bloomberg reports that Kiefer collector, Andrew Hall, is opening a private museum on his new estate in Vermont:

Hall, now chief executive officer of Occidental Petroleum Corp. (OXY)’s commodity-trading unit Phibro, has bought more than 2,400 acres in Reading, according to local real estate records. He has torn down at least half a dozen homes in the 666-person central Vermont town and opened an appointment-only art museum there last year. His holdings, including Newhall Farm, are valued at more than $13.8 million, the records show. […]

A new addition to Hall’s domain is the Hall Art Foundation, which displays works from the commodity trader’s private collection in a renovated dairy farm. Children are “welcome at our discretion,” according to the gallery’s website.

The inaugural exhibition features paintings by Georg Baselitz, whose castle in Germany was bought by Hall, and Edward Burtynsky’s large-format photographs of an abandoned Vermont quarry and waste from nickel production. The work shows mining’s “environmental impact as an ecological wound,” according to the foundation’s website.

Wall Street $100 Million Man Makes Vermont Downton Abbey (Bloomberg)