Marrakech Art Fair Sales

The Marrakech Art Fair’s PR firm has released a sales report from the fair:
  • Metro Pictures: a photo by Olaf Breuning at about 15 000 Euros;  a huge charcoal drawing by Robert Longo 
  • Lelong: a sculpture by Jaume Plensa for 150 000 Euros,
  • Le Violon Bleu gallery sold pieces by Farid Belkahia up to 40 000 Euros;
  • FJ gallery sold a work by Younes Rahmoun at 38,000 Euros
  • El Marsa Gallery sold a bronze sculpture by Khaled Ben Slimane at 16 000 euros
  • Arthr Gallery: the sculptures by Noha Al Sharif were sold at 15 800 Euros each
  • Benamou gallery: Xavier Zimbardo paintings sold for 8500 Euros each
  • Edwynn Houk Gallery sold two pictures by Lalla Essaydi at 7500 Euros each
  • Merkur gallery from Istanbul sold two paintings by Ercan Akin at 6000 Euros each
  • Matisse gallery sold photos by Amina Benbouchta at 5000 Euros each
  • JGM Gallery sold three drawings by Chourouk Hriech, between 1000 and 3000 Euros
  • Gallery 127 sold more than twenty photos, at about 1500 Euros each.