Sotheby’s Launches S2 with Sam Francis Sale

Sotheby’s is launching a new private selling and exhibition space within the auction house. Their first event is a sale of Sam Francis works to coincide with the publication of his catalogue raissonné

Sotheby’s will be hosting a private selling exhibition of works by Sam Francis from 17 September – 14 October 2011. This will be our inaugural private selling exhibition in our new gallery, S2. The exhibition will coincide with the launch of the Sam Francis Catalogue Raisonné of Canvas and Panel Paintings, 1946 – 1994, published by the Sam Francis Foundation and University of California Press. (To purchase the catalogue raisonné, click here.)

Sotheby’s is pleased to introduce S2, a newly-constructed private gallery space within our York Avenue headquarters that is dedicated to special selling exhibitions of contemporary art. Designed by architect Richard Gluckman, who also created the celebrated auction galleries on the 10th floor of our building, S2 will host unique shows that focus on singular artists and themes within the contemporary genre. All of the works on display will be available for private sale, offering a new and exciting dimension to the Sotheby’s experience.

Sam Francis: The Exploration of Color, A Selling Exhibition (Sotheby’s)