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Marion Maneker0June 16, 2011

ArtBasel Sales, Carol Vogel Edition

The theme of Carol Vogel’s ArtBasel 42 report is that galleries sell works by artists featured at the Venice Biennale a few days later in Basel:
  • Michael Werner Gallery: Enrico David “Study for a Body as a Dog’s Training Camp,” a large sculpture made this year. It is fashioned from black automotive rubber and depicts a man encircled in chains. The buyer was an Italian collector who had seen Mr. David’s show in Venice. The price: around $100,000.
  • Gladstone Gallery: Allora & Calzadilla“Lifesaver Manhole” (2011), a sculpture of a bright-orange life preserver from which hangs a black manhole cover [...] sold to an Australian collector on Tuesday for $110,000
  • Luhrig Augustine: Glenn Ligon “Masquerade #1,” a 2006 black-and-white canvas with coal dust on its surface, to a British collector for $225,000.

Stars of Venice Shine in Basel (New York Times)