Zwirner's Unlimited Sales

Installation view, Jason Rhoades. My Madinah: In pursuit of my ermitage..., Sammlung Hauser und Wirth in der Lokremise, St. Gallen, 2004 Courtesy Estate of Jason Rhoades; Galerie Hauser & Wirth; David Zwirner, New York

David Zwirner gallery sold its two most prominent works on display at Art Unlimited to major international collections.

JASON RHOADES (“close to $1 million“)

Untitled (From the body of work: My Madinah: In pursuit of my ermitage…), 2004.

96 neon phrases, 96 colored Plexiglas panels, 96 transformers, 96 metal hooks, wire, cable, rubber end caps, and power strips. Overall dimensions vary with each installation.

Originally part of the artist’s seminal exhibition My Madinah: In pursuit of my ermitage… at Sammlung Hauser und Wirth in der Lokremise, St. Gallen in 2004, each of the multi-colored neon words or phrases presents a synonym for female genitalia. The work relates to the artist’s complex investigation of contemporary manifestations of religion, culture, sexuality, and consumerism, which was inspired, in part, by the collective trauma caused by 9/11.

FRED SANDBACK (“just under $500,000“)
Untitled (Sculptural Study, Seven-part Right-angled Triangular Construction), 1982/2010.

Black acrylic yarn. A room-size installation that is composed from 21 lengths of black acrylic yarn arranged to form 7 right-angled triangles, with the vertical elements flat against the wall and the horizontal elements flat against the floor. This work represents a significant large-scale example of the artist’s explorations of the phenomenological experience of space and volume.

Donald Judd $700,000 – to a European collection

Francis Alÿs – a few works sold, including 1 sale for $250,000 to a European collector; then other works (drawings, mixed-media) ranging from $35,000 – $85,000

Adel Abdessemed $200,000 large-scale metal map, sold to European collection