Donald Bren, Art Collector

The Los Angeles Times plumps for its own interview with real estate billionaire, Donald Bren. Although Bren was once a business partner with Alfred Taubman, he is not generally recognized as a significant art collector:

Bren’s own collection of art hangs on the walls of his homes and at the Irvine Co. headquarters. Much of it was purchased early in the careers of the painters, and Bren has a particular fondness for work from the 1944-1984 period.

One of his favorites is the late Richard Deibenkorn, a Californian known for his abstract and figurative expressionist work.  And in the room where Bren’s top executives meet for a weekly lunch is a large Peter Alexander painting, an aerial view of the approach to LAX.

“I collect a few things,” Bren says, “but what I’ve found is that you simply can’t collect them all. The most important part is having the knowledge and the appreciation.”

Donald Bren on His Love of Art (Culture Monster/LATimes)