Pollock: Jacob Kassay's Prices Unreal

It’s been a big weekend for art market innuendo. Following the Economist’s suggestion that Phillips de Pury’s Carte Blanche auction wasn’t entirely pure, Lindsay Pollock suggests that Pace Gallery is behind the sudden run-up in prices for newcomer Jacob Kassay

At his rather startling auction debut at a Phillips de Pury Nov. 9 day sale,  a 2009 acrylic and silver deposit canvas, tagged to sell for up to $8,000 went bananas, selling for $86,500.

Last week, at a Kitchen benefit auction, a silvered 2010 work zoomed above the $12,000 “retail value,” selling for $94,000 according to two sources who attended the sale. […]

What’s the deal? A few in-the-know dealers told me Pace Gallery is making a play for Kassay. I emailed the gallery last week, but got no response.

A dealer told me he suspected Pace may have been among the bidders or buyers at the recent auctions.

Who’s Diddling with Jacob Kassay’s Prices? (Lindsay Pollock)