Christie's Sells Shapazian

Jori Finkel announces in the Los Angeles Times that Christie’s will be selling Gagosian LA founder Robert Shapazian’s art collection, at least the works that aren’t being donated to several LA museums:

Christie’s is providing a glimpse of the intellectual art dealer as collector. The auction house has just confirmed that it will be selling 69 works from his estate, estimated to bring $22 million to $31 million. The material will appear in multiple New York sales, including the Nov. 10 evening sale. […]

The Shapazian material features 13 works by Duchamp, from a “Monte Carlo Bond” issued in 1924 to his 1935-41 “Boite en Valise,” a case packed with miniature versions of his artworks. The consignment also includes Futurist drawings by Giacomo Balla and Carlo Carra and Surrealist photographs by Man Ray.

The most valuable material is a group of 16 Warhol works, led by a “Small Campbell’s Soup Can (Tomato)” painting from 1962, estimated at $6 million to $8 million, a 1962 Marilyn estimated at $4 million to $6 million, and a shocking pink “Dollar Sign” from 1981, estimated at $2.5 million to $3.5 million.

“The Warhol grouping contains every major theme in his career — from the Tomato Soup Can to Marilyn, Electric Chair, Jackie Kennedy, Brillo Boxes, Dollar Signs, a Camouflage and a Shadow painting,” says Laura Paulson, deputy chairman in postwar and contemporary  art at Christie’s, noting that Shapazian held a “Dollar Signs” show at Gagosian Beverly Hills in 1997.

Christie’s to sell art from Robert Shapazian estate; Huntington to receive an early Warhol (Los Angeles Times)