A Short History of Lorenzo Rudolf

Singapore’s Today Online has an interview with Lorenzo Rudolf as he gears up to run Art Singapore. As part the introduction to the interview, Mayo Martin gives this brief bio of Rudolf’s adventures in the art fair business:

In 1991, the former lawyer was roped in as director of a quiet little art fair in a quiet little village – Art Basel. He immediately transformed what was a normal trade show into the virtual template of what art fairs are today – lots of glitz and glamour, lots of money, lots of quality art. In his 10-year stint, he turned collectors into VIPs, introduced corporate sponsorship, supported emerging artists and made this small Swiss village the centre of the art universe.  By the time he left, there were around 800 galleries on Art Basel’s annual waiting list.

Rudolf’s Midas touch spread everywhere. He invented the glitzier Art Basel Miami, took over the Frankfurt Book Fair, and in 2007 set up the ShContemporary art fair in Shanghai. His newest baby is Art Stage Singapore, which will be one of the two biggest arts events next year, along with the Singapore Biennale.  The event will be held from Jan 12 to 16, and Rudolf is looking at around 90 to 100 galleries, a great bulk of which he hopes will consist of Asia’s top galleries.

Fair and Square (Today Online)