Christie's London Cont. Evening

Refresh browser for updates; all prices hammer unless noted.

Total £39.14m

Lot 32 has been withdrawn

Lot 1 Matthew Day Jackson Bucky goes through the roof . High est. is £40k but the bidding from half a dozen bidders drives it to £500k

Lot 2 Sugito Red Lounge stalls out but sells below the low est of £80k for £75k

Lot 3 Vasconcelos Marilyn nearly triples the est. to £420k

Lot 4 Gilbert & George Cherry Blossom no. 9 makes a solid £270k

Lot 5 Gilbert & George The Head Afloat on Top sells for £280k; GG are nothing if not consistent.

Lot 6 Kippenberger Untitled sells well below the estimate range at £720k

Lot 7 Doig Concrete Cabin West Side also has trouble getting the bids up to the low est. £1.8m auctioneer even offers to take a 50k bid but no takers.

Lot 8 Kiefer Der Rhein gets up over the high est. of £300k and finally builds some momentum in bidding to achieve

Lot 9 Neo Rauch Vorrat passes at £450k

Lot 10 Munoz Two Floors, Two Figures passes at £220k

Lot 11 Warhol Dollar Sign goes over the est for £2m

Lot 12 Boetti Ononimo soars to £900k over a £350k high est. to a telephone bidder.

Lot 13 Manzoni Achrome gets bid to a healthy £1.1m

Lot 14 Fontana Attese so many Fontanas but there’s still an appetite with this one making high est. for £400k

Lot 15 Yves Klein ANT 5 has order bids straight to the high est. of £2m; bidders take it to £3.2m where a new bidder enters; finally selling for £3.65m

Lot 16 Klein RE 47 II not a lot of bidding to the low est. of £5m but once the threshold was crossed there is some last-minute dithering until it falls at £5.2m

Lot 17 Richard Hamilton Towards a Definitive Statement . . . goes for double the high est. of £120k to make £250k

Lot 18 Lichtenstein Collage for New York sells at £350k

Lot 19 Boetti The Thousand Longest Rivers nearly doubles the high est. for £600k

Lot 20 Dubuffet Le Bateau II sells right in line with est. for £480k

Lot 21 Fontana Concetto Spaziale bids briskly to the low est.

Lot 22 Tapies Oval gris-marro sells at £280k

Lot 23 Lopez Garcia Ropa en remojo makes £380k

Lot 24 Tapies Blanc Amb signe …. doubles the est. range to sell for £850k

Lot 25 Pomodor Semaforo bid to the high est. of £150k

Lot 26 de Stael Fleurs Rouges sells under the est. range for £580k

Lot 27 de Stael Sicile also has trouble getting to low est. of £700k but sells for £750k

Lot 28 Auerbach Head of Helen Gillespie passes at 420k

Lot 29 Auerbach Head of JYM gets up to £1.25m from bidder in back of room

Lot 30 Auerbach JYM Seated II sells for £200k

Lot 31 Glenn Brown Entertainment goes for an unsurprising £300k

Lot 33 Doig Entering a City £365k

Lot 34 Saville Torso 2 pass

Lot 35 Hirst Daemon tops out at £260k

Lot 36 Raqib Shaw Garden of Earthly Delights 480k

Lot 37 Paula Rego Death of the Blind Sister makes £120k

Lot 38 RB Kitaj Western Bathers pass

Lot 39 Sean Scully Shadow Line sells at £250k

Lot 40 Sol Invictus £200k

Lot 41 Flash Rainflow £380k

Lot 42 Kapoor Goddess (Void)

Lot 43 Budo £280k

Lot 44 Kippenberger Fliegender Tanga keeps on going until it reaches £2.25m

Lot 45 Stingel Untitled shoots up over the est. to £400k

Lot 46 Prince Very Private Nurse #1 sells £1.5m

Lot 47 Warhol Portrait of Linda Cossey breaks out to £750k

Lot 48 McCarthy Alpine Man makes to £650k

Lot 49 Kawara January 23, 1995 £160k

Lot 50 Baldessari Former Site of Duck Pond Bar sells low at £220k

Lot 51 Boetti Segno e deisegno £220k

Lot 52 Fontana Concetto Spaziale, Attese