Double Standard on Naked Plinthers

The hijinks continue on London’s Fourth Plinth project where Antony Gormley is orchestrating a retinue of ordinary Britons who want to spend an hour atop the heroic Trafalgar Sq. plinth in celebration of the citizenry. The latest twist is the request that a plinther named Simon put on some clothes when he decided to appear naked:

But about five minutes after revealing all, he was told by one of the organisers: ”Simon, you’re going to have to put something on, or they want you down… sorry mate. Some pants or something. Thank you.” The plinther obliged by putting his underpants back on, to boos from the crowd.

The organizers insist the request came from the police. A topless woman who painted with her chest provoked no response as you can see from this clip:

Man Poses Naked on Trafalgar Square Plinth (Telegraph)