UK Arts Deficit Really Conceptual Art

You have to admit there’s just the right ring of truth to this satirical fake news report that the £100 million arts budget deficit in the UK is being treated as a work of art and been nominated for the Turner prize:

A massive deficit in the budget of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport has been shortlisted for this year’s prestigious Turner Prize.  ‘The Hole’, presumed to be the work of those organising the 2012 Olympic Games, is a performance art installation at the Tate Modern that first appeared some time ago and has grown enormously in recent months.  It is believed that its creators have secretly returned to the site on a number of occasions to continue their excavations, with many observers suggesting that it could yet get bigger. […]

‘It might seem like an empty space,’ enthused Tate Director, Sir Nicholas Serota, ‘but the void is a negative representation of something really quite profound.  Much modern art is criticised for its superficiality, but let me tell you, you won’t hear anyone saying that about this piece.  Boy, is it deep.’

£100 Million Hole in Arts Funding Nominated for Turner Prize (NewsBiscuit)