Art Loss Register Data Dump

Our recent interview with Chris Marinello also comes with a little bonus data from Art Loss Register.

Total records on ALR database: 210,533
Works that are currently unaccounted for: 200,839
Works that have been located: 9,694

That’s a big pile. Here is a list of the top ten artists whose work is stolen compiled from data up until the end of 2008. Art Loss Register conducts 300,000 searches each year with 10,000 new losses recorded each year.

Top Ten Stolen Artists in All Media

Pablo Picasso               699
Salvador Dali                396
Joan Miro                      390
Marc Chagall                 361
Albrecht Durer             212
Pierre-Auguste Renoir  192
Andy Warhol                 183
Rembrandt van Rijn     181
Peter Paul Rubens        147
Henri Matisse               138

(More charts after the jump.)