Madonna: £80m Art Collector

From the Times of London’s examination of Madonna’s business practices, personal finances and fortune comes this catalogue of her a £80 million art collection:

Her art collection, over 300 paintings including work by Léger, Dali, Man Ray, Damien Hirst and Frida Kahlo, was valued at around £80m last year. She paid $5m for Picasso’s Buste de Femme à la Frange.

Buying paintings she used to call her “sin”, but her collection of modern art has proved to be a shrewd investment. Since 1987, when she paid $1m for Léger’s Les Deux Bicyclettes, she has acquired around 300 pictures [ . . . ] . Christopher estimated that by 2008 his sister’s collection’s value had increased by 600%.

Why Madonna’s Still a Material Girl (Times of London)