Correcting Richard Prince

Artnet magazine got in touch with Richard Prince to follow up on a Times of London report that he was negotiating with the Morgan Library to donate his book collection in exchange for a multi-year exhibition. Here’s Artnet’s report:

Prince says the story isn’t true. “I have never talked to anybody at the Morgan about this possibility and have never talked to any reporter about this possibility,” he said in an email to Artnet Magazine. “I have no idea where or how this story started.” It turns out that Allen-Mills wrote his report based on an interview Prince gave to Bookforum — and the author of that text, Geoff Nicholson, does claim in passing that Prince is “negotiating to donate it to the Morgan if they let him have an exhibition there for a couple of years.” A spokesman for the Morgan Library also said he didn’t know anything about the deal. Bookforum, for its part, says that “the article was reviewed by Richard Prince before publication.”

No Book Gift to Morgan: Richard Prince (Artnet)