London, Art Entrepôt

Colin Gleadell on Four New Galleries Opening in London

In the Daily Telegraph, Colin Gleadell outlines the plans of three new gallery operations opening up in London, including that of Daniele Pescali whose grandfather got into art dealing after making a quick profit in de Chirico.

He subsequently befriended the avant-garde artist Lucio Fontana, with whom he exchanged watches for paintings now worth millions of pounds. [ . . .] Since then, his family has built a huge collection of paintings by artists from Picasso and Chagall to the Italian Futurists (Severini, Balla et al), Morandi, Manzoni and Fontana, from which occasional sales are made. The collection has never been shown publicly. [ . . . ] For [Pescali’s] first exhibition, he will show some 35 paintings and ceramics by Fontana, which he values at about £50million, although only a quarter will be for sale. Next up will be a show covering 100 years of Italian art from the Futurists to the present day. For Pescali, the attraction of London is the number of international collectors from Russia, India, the Far and Middle East as well from Europe and Britain, who frequent the capital.

London Still Cuts a Dash (Daily Telegraph)